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Death     Death broke her scythe against people common sense. She need some money for a new one and asks people for help. This super impudence and craftiness, but people do it.

     Paying for alcohol, drugs and sport is paying for death's new tools and help for death. This is super stupidity and rashness, but people do it.

     This exhibit is an attempt to attract people's attention to the problem of good and bad in generally and sport's influence on human physical, mental and moral health in particular, because sport demands victims.

     This is an advertisement of common sense and healthful life style and ill will and stupidity prosecution.

     Bi vigilance! Evil is variety and stupidity is no better then impudence. Remember - the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Exhibit customer, author of idea and performance is Jurij Novikov.
Entry was exhibited in health and fitness fairy in Riga (May 2000) and in nonsporting physical culture club "Atletika".


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