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     The last winter Olympic Games have generated weight of conversations on their politization, commercialization, infringement of noble Olympic traditions, sports honor, etc. And everybody speaks about it as it has never happened.

      Not pressing in a detail of an inconsistent and ambiguous history olympism, for the characteristic of its "noble" traditions I only shall remind, that more then two thousand years ago anybody other as tsar the Tyrant Great (yes - yes, that Tyrant) has been awarded with a title of the lifelong president of games, and that more recently the USA and the USSR Olympic games boycotted. So the today's agiotage - simply next planned swindle of moneymakers from Olympic sports which helps them to earn and strengthen an idea in consciousness of people, that sports is more important and better than physical culture. Very much people trust this, not suspecting, that sports - the phenomenon initially abnormal, and the purposes at it and physical cultures opposite already by definition.

SPORT - Englishmen have started to use this word for a designation of pleasant pastime, diversions, entertainments and even frivolous intimacies, i.e. employment leisure, idle and socially harmful.

     Simultaneously the same word designated game, a mistake of the nature, a mutation (chimera) or rejections from normal type, i.e. designated the phenomena biologically harmful.

     All kinds of games, single combats and other athletic employment in the English language always had concrete names: run, rowing, boxing, struggle, etc. There are enough words in the English language and for a designation of competitions. The modern word meaning "sports" is known to everything, is especial after one French baron has filled it with such maintenance, that the God with all definitions could envy. However any of initial word meanings can be found sports without special work in corresponding dictionaries. Well, and that such practically, including Olympic, last games have shown sports. A beautiful show? But, what spirit!

     The CULTURE is an education, reverence, development, cultivation. This word use for a designation of all useful and progressive that is created and made by the person for the existence and perfection, including moral, intellectual and physical. From here both culture physical and physical culture i.e. that is purposefully made by the person for the physical development and a level of useful achievements in this sphere.

     For a designation of all things and the phenomena civilized peoples always use corresponding terminology. Yes, sometimes the same word designates different things, but that opposite?.. To tell the truth, all peoples have such concept, as a word-play when some from them use figuratively. So sports and that activity which this word designate, and it is necessary to understand a word, i.e. sports are a physical culture on the contrary, or antiphysical culture.

     In Ancient Greece to modern sports approximately there corresponded activity which named agonistic (from a word an agony, i.e. struggle in a condition previous to death. Notice - death, instead of recovery).

     The modern physical culture is approximately that in Ancient Greece named gymnastics. You did not hear about it? And what all valuable, what today attribute to sports, concerned to gymnastics, instead of to agonistic, didn't not know too? Against sports - agonistic in Ancient Greece the most progressive and educated people of those times very sharply expressed. Aristotle, for example, employment by sports counted unworthy for the free person, and playwright Evripid named athletes - sportsmen the most malicious abscesses in all ancient Greece! Feel, what spirit was at sports for 300 - 600 years B.C.?

     In the historical plan the person could not start to use run, jumps, throwing, rowing, single combats, fishing, hunting and other kinds of activity for entertainment, entertainments or "sports" interest before thousand years did not use them for maintenance of the existence of the general and special physical preparation of rising generation, i.e. in applied, fighting, household, educational, etc. the useful purposes. Culture physical in comparison with sports more ancient, natural both vital condition and activity. But physical qualities and health as a whole (especially spiritual and moral) already for a long time are not major factors of a survival.

     Besides - physical, spiritual and moral does not prevent, and at many even stimulates the social activity directed against interests of healthy people.

     Sports - the phenomenon initially biological and for someone can be the natural condition determining spiritual and moral needs. Such people should understand, but cannot and do not want to understand that occurs to them and that they do.      As the phenomenon social, sports operate in an opposite direction: disorienting normal people in a choice of the vital purposes and values, it deforms their consciousness, destroys an instinct of self-preservation and exhausts physically.

     Sportsmen are proud not of properties in strengthening the health, and procast then, blood and other victims which they bring to the hobby. About economic, moral and spiritual damage which sportsmen cause a society, they do not reflect at all. On the contrary, - putting the interests is higher than interests of a society, they consider, and that the society is obliged to them.

     The basic problem of physical culture and sports as activity that for the purposes they use almost same athletic employment: gymnastics, game, single combat, etc. But in fact for a long time it is known, all is a medicine and all is poison. Therefore sports in relation to physical culture need to be considered also, as drunkenness in relation to the cultural use of alcohol. It is possible even to tell, that sports are the perverted physical culture.

     About it knew in Ancient Greece, in medieval England and in days of when the new era olympism began. Know about it and now. That fact therefore is amazing, that a word sports at us even more often designate not only competitional - entertaining, but also improving - preventive activity, superseding from the use a word physical culture. Though, taking into account, that in initial value sports are also diversion - all becomes clear: culture of health want to transform into idle hazardous hobby due to health.

     Today harm of sports is shown not so much at a level professional and Olympic, how many at a level so-called mass, national and especially children's and school. In fact sportsmen - professionals are the people prepared in every respect and know, on what go, and fans(amateurs), is especial beginners and children, are involved in sports - competitive activity without due physical and psycho-emotional preparation. Sports training, by the way, process not less harmful and severe, than competitive sports. And with what from sports to wait for health if it and organizational does not concern to system of public health services.

     Worse that - in medicine the special branch is created: "medicine" sports which, similarly to medicine of accidents, are engaged in treatment and rehabilitation of victims, but not failures and acts of nature, and sports. Treat and will rehabilitate, unfortunately, only those who has suffered from sports physically. At us nobody is engaged in spiritual, moral and social victims of sports.

     Thus it is necessary to understand, that employment by sports can and not cause harm to at whom health physical much and surpasses spiritual and moral. Moreover, sports in something can help such people, distracting, for example, from more dangerous and socially harmful employment but why to distract someone from one evil, it should be involved in another and to disorient? In fact for at whom a level of health low, and such the majority, sports is a direct road to its final loss.

     As against sports, the improving - preventive physical culture is necessary and useful to everyone, but to the greatest degree to at whom a level of physical standards low. Also pay attention: in medicine till now exists and even the physiotherapy exercises develops. Not medical sports, namely physical culture.

     The physical culture, as against sports, is not an entertainment and entertainment due to health, not development of one physical quality to the detriment of another's, not a pursuit of a victory, records and glory at any cost. The physical culture is that it is necessary to do for preservation and strengthening of health as harmonious combination of all physical qualities with spiritual and moral. But to do(make) not on Olympic credo "the main thing - participation", and precisely knowing what for, as well as according to main principle of public health services "do not do much harm!".

     Employment by physical culture should have precise substantiations and programs for each concrete person in view of all its specific features: a floor, age, physical and psycho-emotional standards, a social status and many others.

     What for physical culture to sportsmen, if they and so healthy? First, healthy sportsmen in full sense of this word it does not happen, and, second, in order that limits of health and tops of physical qualities still nobody has established and has not achieved. Especially their harmonious combination in one person, instead of as at sportsmen: endurance at , force at , intelligence at chess players, etc.

     It is the theory. Well, and that sports are practically and to what results, many people all the same see. Otherwise as it is possible to explain that fact, what the majority of representatives of the most conscious and educated part of a society - people adults - are not engaged in sports? And it that almost all of them count health the basic value. Means understand, that sports to health not comrade, and it does not create, keeps and strengthens, and maintains and exhausts. Interestingly in this plan the attitude to sports which, with a view of self-preservation of the nation, have vetoed it. For traditional it has not lost the force and today.

     Those who develop and advertise sports as employment noble and useful to health, too know, that such sports actually. Therefore it is possible to not doubt, that they, in any ways trying all and everyone to involve in sports, meaningly direct people on a false way. What for?
     First, involving in unproductive both harmful activity the most healthy and genetically gifted youth, they not simply eliminate it from active participation in a life and are released from the most dangerous competitors, and transform them into allies. In any struggle this supreme skill and insidiousness. Knowingly named athletes the most malicious abscesses in all .
     Second, on sports they it is very healthy make profit, since sports are not less profitable business, than distribution of other defects. And, operate from sports very artfully and artfully as always cover the interests with interests public and state. Except for sportsmen so operate and militaries get into a public pocket only. And it is no wonder; in fact sports and war are twins - brothers. The same Olympic Games initially that other, as imitation of military actions and their carry on arenas of stadiums with involving in these actions even those who never participated in real war. Even today the overwhelming majority of Olympic kinds of sports are same military actions and murder, only conditional. Have not noticed?

     Obvious lie and disinformation and that sports are means of association of people and peoples. Sports are violence not only over self, but also over others, it is propagation of aggression and the statement of an inequality. How it is possible, putting the purpose of the superiority over others to achieve association? In such sense and war is an association.

     In sports of unity and friendship is not present not only among participants of sports fights, but also among fans. In sports, as well as in business and a policy, there is no friendship and friends, and there are partners, allies and a generality of interests in the name of interests of those who sports as speak, untwist.

     In this connection it is necessary to tell and about what are sports for its "passive" participants, i.e. for huge army of fans - fans. people! What here health? But money to sports and other accompanying defects for the illness they endow regularly.

     So an agiotage around of Olympic Games - the phenomenon natural and even programmed. Businessmen from sports on it only will make profit and will even more deeply climb in a public pocket.

     But a question: how for a long time they will fool all? I think, that until there will be people interested in that they were fooled also by those who pretends as if it is not present anything. Also it is necessary to take into account, that at sportsmen, as well as at militaries, very powerful lobby. Not that at physically low-power intelligent teachers. But it does not mean that at an individual level everyone cannot at any moment from participation in this performance refuse.

     And one more question in summary: what personally to you has given sports? Only do not confuse sports to physical culture. Also remember, that competitive activity not always is sports.

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